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Kent State Library and Information Science Students

Kent State University Library Students
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About the Community
This community is for students who are currently enrolled in the Library and Information Sciences program at Kent State, those who have been accepted in the program for the next term, people who are interested in attending Kent for their MA in Library and Information Science, and individuals who have completed the program and are out in the real world.

ksu_library is designed to help Kent State hopefuls become acquainted with the program by speaking to veterans who know the ins and outs of the Kent Library. It's also a place where current Library and Information Science students can meet up, talk about classes, whine about assignments, and generally just have fun.

At this point in time, the only rule is to be kind and corteous to other members of the community. I will not tolerate judemental behavior. Complaining and whining is accepted (and welcomed, especially during crunch time), but flaming will never be tolerated.

I have the right to remove any post I find to be offensive.

Maintained by: likelydisaster