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Hello all! I noticed that this journal was kind of defunct, but I was hoping that if any of you are still around you could give me some advice. I'll be headed up to Kent in August to start my MLIS, and I still haven't found an apartment yet. I need some place really close to wherever most of the library classes will be held, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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Library Experience

Is it hard to get a paid part-time position or even volunteering for the campus and local libraries at Kent? I've noticed that experience counts a lot when it comes to finding jobs after graduation, and I just want to cover my bases. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!
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Hi, I'm Angie and I'll be starting classes at Kent this fall. I'm from Cincinnati and I'll be dorming so I can get the full experience, heh. I'm so glad there is an LJ community for this, because I have a feeling that I'll need, I'm an LJ junky. (: I graduated from Ohio U in '03 with an undergrad in Fine Arts Painting, which is why I'm going back to school. (:

I already see that Flashline should be tons of fun... I had to call the helpdesk twice already just to register, and I doubt it'll get any better. :P

I managed to get into the three core classes: Access to Information, Organization of Information, and Foundations. Is this a good number of credit hours to take? I'm guessing I should take some workshops, but I'm kinda procrastinating a bit with those...

Also, when applying for assistantships, was that part of the application process, or is that seperate? (Last fall was a bit of a blur, and all my applications tended to run together after a while.)

I'm excited to start, I'm counting down the days 'til I can quit my job!

practicum vs. paper

Hi...I am having trouble deciding whether I should do a practicum or a paper for my culminating experience. I work at an academic reference desk now and will have a part-time job in a public library in the fall, so I would like your advice as to whether you think a practicum or paper would be more helpful. Also, what are you doing/what did you do for your culminating experience? Thanks!!

Spring semester

So what classes are everyone taking next semester?  Did you get everything you wanted?  I hope registration went well!

Here's my schedule for the spring:
Research for Decision Making - 2:15-4:45 (this involves math, so I'm not looking forward to it at all)
Access to Information - 6:15-9:45 (but only from January 23 until March 13, so that's awesome)

The Public Library - 6:00-9:30 (this class is in Cleveland and goes from January 18 until April 5)

Library Services and Materials for Young Adults - 5:30-9:00 (from January 19 until March 23)

And I also have Electronic Publishing on the Web.  I'm taking the completely web-only version with Evans/Barnes (really the same person).

I'm taking five classes because I'm insane, but hey.  Haha.
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ok, kent folks, I sent out an e-mail about the up-coming ALA/ALSSO schedule over the listserv, but am not sure if it worked because my e-mail does not allow me to get e-mail from myself. So, if you see this and get the e-mail post a comment so I know it made it through. Thanks! oh and come Wednesday at noon for some free pizza!
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Shameless plug

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know about an exciting program that's coming up next weekend at the Geauga County Public Library. As part of my practicum for Kent, I booked a speaker named Catherine Stocker, who's the author of a new book called The Quarterlifer's Companion. Cathy is going to be speaking on the trials and tribulations of being a young person having to adjust to living in the "real world" after graduating from college. I would really be excited if a lot of people from Kent came. Not only might it be relevant to those of us who are experiencing this life transition, it'll also be a good look at the finished product of a library program happens after months and months of endless toil (by yours truly and my friend Sam).

Program 1 goes from 6:30-8:30 pm on Friday, September 9 at the Bainbridge Library in Bainbridge, Ohio, and Program 2 goes from 11 am-2 pm on Saturday, September 10 at the Geauga West Library in Chesterland, Ohio. Lunch will be served at the Saturday program, and light refreshments and coffee will be provided at the Friday program. The phone numbers and addresses of the libraries are provided at their Web site, You can also visit Cathy's Web site and the QLC forums at

Please ask me either on this post or at my LJ if you have any questions! Also, I am cross-posting this to several lists, including the KSU listserv, so sorry if you get this message multiple times. :)
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oh boy...classes are starting!

Alrighty! Sounds like Columbus already started classes...but Kent is just starting tomorrow. I am so excited! whoohoo! (wow, I sound like a dork) Oh well!

Okay, so, I didn't really introduce myself here is a little about me.

I'm most recently from Iowa (Ankeny), but I've lived in, uhm...6 states? yeah, I think that's right. And I've been to many states and countries. I've been to, I think, 16 schools. Could be more, I lost count. Anyhoo, lots of moving! But, it's know, I got a taste of lots of people and styles and cultures. I wouldn't trade it.

I love my dogs. But, they are in Iowa with my mother - whom I love lots too. ;) So, I miss them all very much. My dogs are Shelties, Annabeth Royal Blue (Annie) and her sister (who is actually my mother's dog) Honeybrook Special Angellika (Angel). They are lovethly. :) And little devils, too.

I love art. Whether it be music, literature, theater, film, painting, anything! I just love art. Life is art, really.

I'm a Christian, and I try to live a very devote life. But, you know, we all get tired and run down and sometimes I miss church. Like today. But, I was kinda sick. (that's another thing...What is with this Ohio water? Blah, it is not agreeing with my tummy.) But, no excuse. I need to be at church at every are my witness. I WILL be at church at every service this school year. :) Cool. I do tend to pray all the time, so if you find me off in a daydream like state...I'm either praying, or well, lost in a fantasy world. Or, I could be doing a math problem. I really like those. (hehe, I sound like a dork again, huh?)

Lets see...what else. I guess I'll congratulate anyone who has not moved on and is still reading this. Or maybe I should ask...are you really bored or something. I don't think I'm really that interesting. lol. Oh well. Here's a cookie for ya, for hangin around! (Okay, so it's an imaginary cookie, but we are readers, we know all about those imaginary worlds..right?)

I play violin. Yeah, I hope I can get into the orchestra. I really really really hope I do. My audition is Thursday. Pray for me!!! I've had some serious ear problems for most of my life...esp. the last few years...and well, lets just say I'm a little rusty. Just can't to play when you can't really hear anything. And...of course, Murphy's law...the box with my music in it...still sitting in Iowa. Grrr. So, I'm off to the music library to try and find copies of the pieces that will be good for the audition.

So, here's a lesson for the world. Try it. No matter what, even if you think you really aren't ready to actually be the gotta start somewhere. It can't hurt, it can only help you grow. Especially if you can take constructive criticism well. yeah, that's my soapbox. Okay, well, enough about me.

So, anyone else wanna ramble? ;)
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Intro Post

Hey, y'all.  Just wanted to introduce myself, say hi to the group and so forth.  My name's Meg, and originally I'm from south-central Pennsylvania.  I finished my BA in Political Science and Communication from Grove City College, a very small conservative college in western PA.  This will be my first semester in the MLIS program, which I'm taking at the Columbus site.  I'm very excited about the program, even though I was admitted later which caused all sorts of problems, haha.  I've always loved books - to tell the truth, I spend more money on books than anything else, I think - and I've always respected librarians.  My mentor in high school was a librarian.  She also coached my speech and debate team, is President of PSLA, and has become like a second mother to me.  I guess her influence ran more deeply than I thought at first. :)  Anyway, there's my background.  I hope to meet some of you in class!
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